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A L’Enfer Baby Doc -2014

In 1971 Baby Doc Duvalier inherited his father’s dictatorship over Haiti. At twenty years old Jean-Claude was the youngest ruler in the world. His power was enforced by the dreaded Ton-Ton Macoute. The cadres of these sunglassed henchmen tortured and killed thousands of people over the decades with the support of America, Land of the […]

The Smell of Eucalyptus 1986

In June of 1986 I came back from France to write porno scripts with an old girlfriend strung out on H. North Hollywood, the ground zero of the XXX film industry. Obviously I was not thinking straight, but I had confused lust with love, especially since Sharon was a porno actress skilled at faking orgasms. […]

Solar Flare May 2024

Last week the extreme electromagnetic radiation flares burst the 93,000,000 from the Sun to Earth in less than nine minutes creating intense Aurora Borealis over a swarth of North America. Friends driving to the Canadian border were reward with the most dynamic cosmic display in a decade. I saw nothing from the roof of this […]


Quinton fished the Casco Bay from Peakes Island.
 The other day-fishers know his boat.
 A 1985 Seaway 22-footer running the Drunken Ledge,
 The Cod Ledges,
Big Ridge, and the Tanta’s ‘punkin bottom’.
 Pollock and cod in the winter.
 All in sight of the Ram’s Head Light station.
 Quinton 56.
 Fishing all he know.
 Not speaking much,

Lazarus II

Two summers ago in the black night of Brooklyn I spewed several liters of blood into the bathroom tub. After wiping the retch from my face More blood surged from my body. Liters’ Something was not right. Something was very wrong. In a taxi I crossed the East River. To NYU Inside the emergency room. […]