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Going Up Country – Thai Style

Back in the 60s during their Woodstock concert Canned Heat had a small hit GOING UP COUNTRY. “Going up country, baby, do you want to come along?” After Altamont longhairs abandoned the rip-offs, bummers, and downers of the big cities to establish Aquarian communes in the hinterland offering free love, organic food, and reefer to […]

Earth Day 2009

I drank organic vodka in celebration of Earth Day. The mixer was organic ginger ale. Glass bottles. A glass glass. No plastic. It went well with my Happy Meal #3. Supposedly civilization started when hunter-gatherers discovered fermented fruits. One of them drank it. He survived and explained his out-of-the-body experience. The primitives understood that to […]

Happy Earth Day Plus 1

Lately I’ve been arguing that the age of the car is coming to an end. Supporters of the meshing of fire, steel, and wheel guffaw my prediction. “Cars will always be with us.” Older adults are adamant about our addiction to cars without recognizing the generational shift in progress. “There are no cars in Star […]

Burning In Hell

2016 From David Henderson: The most coherent explanation for global warming I have ever heard. Courtesy of Mr Peter Nolan Smith “People have abandoned the Bible and now are going to hell in record numbers. Every year millions of American sinners are condemned to a blazing eternity. Most of these sinners are fat from eating […]

Before and Now and Thereafter

Long ago Long before Taylor Swift Man became Man How does not matter As what does not matter We existed Prey for all animals Saber-Toothed tigers, crocodiles, mosquitos ad infinitum Man was not atop the feeding chain Man was not on the bottom What saved us We smelled bad We tasted worst. And we learned […]