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Having died several times over my life I’ve always been surprised to be reincarnated into the same existence as before my demise. Never younger. Never older. Never another body. Shocked that I survived death to rejoin this life and damned pleased as well. – Lazurus II To hear Nick Cave, Kylie Minogue, Shane MacGowan, Blixa […]

Blinding Snow – Mount Ranier – 1998

In 1998 my father, Todd Shikegane and I toured the Northwest in my friend’s van. Arriving at Mt. Ranier in the morning Todd and I went for a hike. My father remained in the lodge by the fire with his crossword puzzle. In his 80s his tramping days were over. The path climbed through sunny […]

Willow Weep Weather

The weeping willow withered with winter While waiting warm weather Wishing for the green leaves of Spring.

Better Late Than Never

Merry Christmas Comrades I’m even capitalizing the C to maintain the spiritual peace of the winter holidays even though the Christians stole the Yulemas from the ancient Druids of Stonehenge. Meán Geimhridh commemorating the shortest day of the year predates the Bronze Age. The original rituals from over five thousand years ago have been lost […]

The Paganism Of The Christmas

Eight years ago I woke at 3:33 AM to view the first winter solstice lunar eclipse. I climbed out onto the roof of the Fort Greene Observatory and lifted my eyes to the heavens. A sliver of silver topped the Earth’s satellite. I stripped naked to bathe in the light of the sun off the […]