Monthly Archives: October 2019

Lolapange – 2019 Kili Initiative # 11

After dawn the Kili 2019 crew washed in small individual bowls. Face, hands, and arms. I hit everything. Old men smell bad in the heat. We gathered their packs, as Johnny folded the tents to transport to our next campsite. I put my backpack on the three-wheeled tuk-tuk. “You aren’t carrying yours,” asked Vanessa, as […]

Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands

In the winter of 1975 I hitchhiked west from Miami Beach along Alligator Alley. Rides weren’t easy, but finally a fruit farmer from Naples gave me a lift through the southern tip of the Everglades. Nothing, but swamp lined the four-lane highway. No snow birds from the Northeast or Canada wanted to live in these […]

Chain Of Command

Donald Trump’s desire to be with beautiful women is neither a sin nor a crime. His ties to Jeffery Weinstein, the dead pedophile kingpin, have not tarnished support amongst his MAGA followers, who wish they were like # 45. Rich, powerful, and his hands on young flesh. Trump knows the best way to cover his […]

Harvey Does Not Get A Pass

Several years ago Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was outted as a sexual predator, coercing women and girls to accept his advances for career advancement. BY 2017 over eighty women accused him of sexual harassment and another fourteen claimed he had raped them. His work with various charities and support of the Democratic Party did not […]

Me Too # Not Far Enough

In 1971 Bernardo Bertolucci directed Marlo Brando and Maria Schneider in LAST TANGO IN PARIS. The film featured a controversial rape scene between the two actors. Bertolucci and Brando coerced the nineteen year-old actress into performing the scene. Wikipedia reports that she later said, “They only told me about it before we had to film […]