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TRASH FIORUCCI by Peter Nolan Smith

In July of 1977 the windows of Fiorucci on East 60th Street featured the latest flash fashion from Italy. These trendy threads guaranteed immediate entrance into Studio 54 or any exclusive disco in Manhattan. I was a punk. Glitter wasn’t my thing, however a gold lame Elvis suit graced the front window and I wanted […]


Lolitas on the subway Taunting all men’s desires A finger pulls apart the school uniform Fourteen and ripe with power Ingenue eyes asking, “You want to watch?” And what man can refuse Lolitas’ lost lips Mocking at all men. Their peals of teenage lust echoing of tiled walls Going home Thumpbam Thump bam Thump thump […]

Best Punch At CBGBs

Back in the 1970s CBGBs was a rough bar. The Hell’s Angels frequented the Bowery bar and no one challenged their claim to the punk rock venue, since the Angels scared off other asshole bikers, although not every night. In 1978 a packed house of garage rock fans greeted the Cramps’ debut and the Akron […]

Muse of the Sex Pistols

Lesson 2. Establish the name Sex Pistols. Who was this girl? Not a natural blonde. British. Now about 50. Then 18. This goddess of punk was in THE GREAT ROCK AND ROLL SWINDLE. Film credit – Soo Catwoman Where is this icon now? Back in 2020 Unknown wrote in comments, “Her name is Judy Croll. […]


The Bruins lost 2-1 at the Forum against the Montreal Canadiens What else is new? Hilde Harnett is coming to town for a Saturday night on the town. She had been babysitting her aunt’s children in New Jersey. Her grandfather had been mayor of Jersey City. A powerful man. Her father is the editor of […]