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Stupid People Speak Stupid Too, Especially The Rich and Powerful

Around the world Government officials go to the same school. They wear the same clothes. Their families are interconnected by marriage. This inbred clique has produced a strain of humanity whose intelligence rivals a collie and back in 2009 the Phuket Land Director revealed his venal acumen by announcing that any foreigners using their wives […]

Burn Clampetts Burn

Jethro Clampett’s Beverly Hills estate was bought by Lachlan Murdoch, another rich son of a rich man, for $150 million. Where the fuck did he get that money? Only three way for someone to be rich. Birth. Marriage. Theft of the working classes. Lachlan doesn’t look like a rich cunt, but his eyes are a […]

New York Times Lives Again

My one-day boycott of the NY Times ended with morning after I forgot my book. I had nothing to read on the subway. $2 for the Times was better than staring at my fellow passengers. Their dreary Friday expressions a mirror of my own end of the week exhaustion. I scanned the news with disinterest. […]

Blessing The House

Johnson had been living in Bangkok between his oil rig gigs. Hers first choice was Ban Suay Nok near her brother. Johnson had been to Ban Suay Nok twice. Her brother had no family resemblance. “He not brother 100%. Not same father.” Thai relationships are very confusing for simple farangs. Johnson decided to move to […]

Mega-Mall opens on Beach Road

Pattaya a town renown for its go-gos and lady boys will celebrate the opening of the Pattaya Festival Mall next year as part of its expansion to induce Thais and farangs to spend more money of shit they don’t really need from Tops, Robinson’s and a myriad of semi-luxury clothing chains. The three-year development will […]