Monthly Archives: June 2012

Hot Hot Hot

. America east of the Rockies has been overwhelmed by a border to border heatwave in the triple digits. A massive storm knocked out power for over two million residents in the capitol and surrounding districts. There is no AC. There is no ice. It is hot and the weathermen are predicting more hot. Prominent […]

Chappaquiddick Incident

‘Chappaquiddick’ conjures up a nasty car accident to the American psyche older than fifty. The story of a drunken senator abandoning his lover to a watery death is unknown to Twitterites agog at Tom Cruise breaking up with his wife. The senator in question was Edward Kennedy, the heir to Camelot. The victim was Mary […]

Ray Barretto – Tin Tin Deo

Senseless At The Wheel

One of my greatest fears while living in Pattaya had been getting struck by a car blowing a redlight while I crossed Sukhumvit on my motorcycle. The three traffic lights on that major thoroughfare remain magnets for rear-end collisions, t-bones, head-on mash-ups, and any endless combination of those three involving pedestrians, cars, and motorbikes. Two […]

Super Hero Team Work