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The Second Coming Of Rockets Redglare

Rockets Redglare was a native New Yorker. His family was tough. He was born addicted to heroin. His childhood was no fairy tale and Rockets moved to the East Village to escape his past. He couldn’t outrun heroin and his habit became the thing of legends on the Punk Scene. Rockets could score anywhere and […]


Hitchhiking was the only way to travel between Boston and Montreal in the early 1970s. The trip was a scenic 400 miles on I-89 slanting across New Hampshire and Vermont to Lake Champlain then north into Quebec. On one trip in August of 1971 a longhair driving a van said that he needed money for […]

Because It’s 2015

After being appointed Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau named a cabinet of 50% women and 50% men. When asked why, the young leader simply said, “Because it’s 2015.” He also included four Sikhs, one of whom will run the Ministry of Defence. Veteran Harjit Singh Sajjan was declared a badass by the media. The Sikh […]

Captain Crack To The Rescue

Canada’s Steve Harper has served three terms as prime minister without ever winning a majority of the vote. His conservative policies have favored the rich over the non-rich ie 99% of the election. The citizens of the northern nation have had enough, but the opposition is fragmented into several parties incapable of winning a greater […]

The Great Canadian Wall

The GOP candidates have focused their presidential ire on illegal immigration. Donald Trump has leap-frogged the pack by assailing Mexicans seeking a better life in El Norte as rapists, murderers, and drug dealers. Wisconsin governor Scott Taylor had the backing of the infamous Koch Brothers, but has lost ground in the early polls out of […]