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My hillbilly girlfriend and I moved to the East Village in 1978. The twenty-two year-old blonde actress came from West Virginia and I hailed from New England. Alice was in the theater like Bill, our upstairs neighbor. I wrote poetry. One day Bill announced that he had been cast in a western called HEAVEN’S GATE. […]

Bathing at 256 East 10th Street

Back at 256 East 10th Street in the last century my bath tub was in the kitchen. I loved lazing in the warm bath. A good soak was a great remedy for a hangover. Friends buzzed to see me. I stayed in the bathtub. Even to this day I am not shy about nakedness. Daid […]

Spaceley John Spaceley

August 3, 1994 – East Village – Journal Entry – Dmitri Turin

When I caught a ride with my sister Pam to attend Debbie Greer’s funeral, I didn’t tell anyone where I was going. After the service we went to her house. Her husband, an Army artillery major, was rightly distraught as was my sister-in-law and her family and friends and CIA co-workers. Her boss, the CIA […]

Meeting Sharon 1978 – The Nursery

The first time I ever saw Sharon she was not physically in the movie theater, but up on silver screen of a Times Square theater fellating the pizza boy’s cock, while doggie styling the man acting as her husband. Neither of the men were particularly attractive, probably so the audience might identify with them, however […]