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July 14, 1994 Bastille Day – East Village – Journal Entry

Another sweltering summer day with temperatures rising along with the tempers. No one remembers how cold the winter was. No one is talking about anything about other than the hot. At the Tompkins Square basketball court we are drowning our innards with water and juices and sweating out it as fast as we drink. I […]

Lisa Takes A Bath 1978

My apartment at 256 East 10th Street was a relic of tenement living. There were no electrical outlets in the bedroom. A water closet had a pull chain for the overhead tank. Warped wooden floors spread to crumbling plaster walls traveled by tribes of cockroaches. Girls didn’t like the insects, but they loved the bathtub […]

Best Punch At CBGBs

Back in the 1970s CBGBs was a rough bar. The Hell’s Angels frequented the Bowery bar and no one challenged their claim to the punk rock venue, since the Angels scared off other asshole bikers, although not every night. In 1978 a packed house of garage rock fans greeted the Cramps’ debut and the Akron […]

Pinball CBGBs 1978

Throughout the late 1970s I stood at the front of CBGBs for the Contortions, Damned, and the Voidoids. Afterwards I drank beer and play pinball at the back of the club. I was never friends with the big names. The bartenders were my friends, the doorman with the yellow construction helmet let me in for […]

May 14, 1978 – East Village – Journal

Actors are all full of shit. Expecting attention for an unending of neuroses Pretending to be someone they are not. Unless they’re funny they bore me. Artists are much better. I prefer workers like Patrick the cook and Kim’s friend Amos. Amos’s a Southerner always quiet. I didn’t know why Kim explained he was dyslexic. […]