Monthly Archives: November 2012

THE DEATH OF ME by Peter Nolan Smith

Last December I attended the opening of the “Dream’ exhibition at Luxembourg’s Mudam Museum. Madame l’Ambassador bailed from the event early for a formal dinner with diplomats. I was not invited for supper. “It’s a diplomatic thingee.” Madame l’Ambassador explained, as we walked through a thickening fog to the waiting Jaguar. “I understand.” A writer-in-residence […]


Punk died before Disco. The next alternative defender of rock and roll was the New Wave, which combined electronic and experimental music with a minimal beat. Bands such as The Psychedelic Furs, Simple Minds, and Echo and The Bunnymen achieved critical and financial success during the early 80s, however American New Wave acts were shut […]

THE FOG November 2012

Shannon Greer captured the morning fog lingering off the Southern California coast. There are no ghost ships within the fog, only within our minds thanks to John Carpenter’s movie THE FOG. It did not star Kurt Russell, but Jamie Lee Curtis had a role. I think she survived to the end.

A Letter For Ralph

Last October Ralph Jawad of Ralph’s Meats on Lafayette Street in Fort Greene was arrested by the NYPD for possession on marijuana and two guns. The neighborhood mayor is out on bail after a period of incarceration on Riker’s Island. The NY Post today heralded the approach of legal marijuana sales in New York, yet […]

Christo’s Pyramid

The world-famous wrapper Christo has announced his newest project, MASTABA, a multi-colored pyramid constructed of hundreds of thousands of oil barrels. The $339 million structure will be erected in the Abu Dhabi desert as a permanent tourist attraction for the wealthy emirate. The height will beat out that of the Great Pyramid of Giza and […]