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White Condo Fog

An April overcast overwhelms A white luxury condo O’er Jay Street Brooklyn Obscuring the upper floors Earth warm Sky cold My fingers chilled Not by Winter But by the damp of Spring. The new season One month in My joints ache in the damp Old Some of me My mind 15 1967 Ruby Tuesday The […]

Rent-Free Hell 2016

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and on the C train between Hoyt-Schemmerhorn and Lafayette Street a young man was preaching about the wrath of his lord. “God loves his flock, but hates a sinner. All you sinners will have a special place of torment in Hell.” He glared about the subway car like Josef Mengele, the […]

Holy Saturday

In 2009 AP and his family left Fort Greene for the Easter Weekend. I spent the time alone in the brownstone, feeding the cats, turtle, and fish. My sense of worth was low and I treat the self-loathing with beer, preferably Narragansett. That lager tasted of New England. Saturday morning morning I finished re-writing IN […]

Man O Manischewitz 2012

In 2012 Fort Greene was a friendly neighborhood. People said hello to each other. I smiled greetings, glad to be here. It was a ‘we’ world, although I wished I was in Thailand with my family. Across the street an elderly Trinidadian woman collected beer cans and bottles for the deposit money. I gave Jinny […]

Gut Gemacht Berliners

A white flag has symbolized a call for truce or surrender since the Eastern Han dynasty Any combatants under this flag considered themselves safe from attack, although at the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre Southern Cheyenne and Arapaho elders, women, and children under the protection of a nearby fort were slaughtered by drunken US Calvary despite […]