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August 1, 1995 Watchic Pond Standish Maine – Journal Entry

My sister and the rest of the clan had deserted the camp to visit a nearby Aquapark, so I arrived on Watchic Pond and sat outside under the pines. My grandfather and his friends had dammed a stream to create the pond back in the 1920s. It always seemed part of my life. Two years […]

Rasta Mayan

Everyday thousands of migrants from foreign lands cross the southern borders of the United States. Many are Mayan. They seek salvation from the terror of war, drug dealers, their governments and climate change. The short parents come alone or with families. Few suspect how America will transform their genes. The young are changed biologically by […]

Amboseli Park KENYA – 2019

A troop of baboons doing what they do best CHAOS

Moby Dick Amnesia

Everyone of my generation was forced to read Heman Merville’s MOBY DICK. THe first line of this epic novel “Call me Ishmael” was burned into our memories and teachers spent days trying to decipher the meaning of author, but none of us were aware of MOBY DICK’s voyage in American Literature having only sold 3000 […]

Bertha Goes Whaling 1871

I want to be an angel And with the angels stand, A crown upon my forehead And a harp in my hand. The ship was sold in March, 1873. Capt. Hamblin, my father, had decided to give up whaling and go home. The ship sent home 895 barrels of oil and never went back to […]