Monthly Archives: April 2011

Studio 54 plus 34

Studio 54 opens its doors 34 years ago. It changed the nightlife of the world. I was hangin out at CBGBs. We sneered at the discophiles. I visited the club that winter in leather and jeans. Everyone outside was in satin and glitter. The doorman pointed at me and waved for me to come forward. […]

Who’s # 1

Easter weekend brought the youth of spring to New York. The trees are flowering and the temperature will be in the 70s by midday. Holiday-makers are returning from their vacations with tropical tans and the city is slowly resuming its hectic pace. The Hassidim will return to the Diamond District tomorrow and Manhattan will abandon […]

ROCK AND ROLL PART 1 / Gary Glitter I didn’t know there was a ROCK AND ROLL PART 1 You learn something new every day as long as you don’t die.


Gary Glitter served time in Vietnam. His crime was sex with minors. The singer of ROCK AND ROLL PART 2 claimed he was innocent, since the act of coprophilia isn’t ‘sex’. Authorities in almost every country in the world begged to differ. Cambodia has long been targeted by pedophiles as a desired destination to pursue […]

A Man from Nowhere

My older brother and I were born 13 months apart. My mother dressed the two of us in the same clothing to firstly prevent us from fighting over shirts, pants, and shoes and secondly to heighten the illusion that we were twins. She loved people asking that question and she would reply ‘Irish twins’ with […]