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THROWING LIKE A GIRL by Peter Nolan Smith


Quinton fished the Casco Bay from Peakes Island.
 The other day-fishers know his boat.
 A 1985 Seaway 22-footer running the Drunken Ledge,
 The Cod Ledges,
Big Ridge, and the Tanta’s ‘punkin bottom’.
 Pollock and cod in the winter.
 All in sight of the Ram’s Head Light station.
 Quinton 56.
 Fishing all he know.
 Not speaking much,

Happy Mother’s Day From Maine

Falmouth Foresides, Maine 1957 My mother in bliss. A summer afternoon with her kids and my father. We were a happy family. Then now and forever. I’m on the far right. 8 years from my first beer. Happy Mother’s Day. We all had one. A mother. Not a beer.

THE WRONG SIZE SHOES by Peter Nolan Smith

Twenty-five minutes after the stroke of Twelve New Year’s Eve 1982 a masked assassin shot dead the main investor a block away from the Continental Club on West 25th Street. The FBI and NYPD Internal Affairs investigating Viktor Malenski’s murder and quickly drew lines between the dots. My ex-girlfriend was living with the dead man’s […]

Seven Samurai Maine 1959

In the summer of 1959 my grandmother dragged me from a croquet game with my siblings on her lawn in Westbrrok Maine and sat me before the black and white Zenith TV. “I want you to watch this movie. THE SEVEN SAMURAI. It’s in Japanese with subtitles. They appear at the bottom of the TV, […]