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Several years ago my good friend Jamie Parker was seeing a go-go girl from the Paris A Go-Go. Ort was skinny and crazy. The ex-con from the Bronx was smart enough not to have Ort as a girlfriend. The twenty-three was better as a geek, but the 52 year-old from the Bronx couldn’t resist the […]

The Smell of Eucalyptus 1986

In June of 1986 I came back from France to write porno scripts with an old girlfriend strung out on H. North Hollywood, the ground zero of the XXX film industry. Obviously I was not thinking straight, but I had confused lust with love, especially since Sharon was a porno actress skilled at faking orgasms. […]

Memphis Underground – Herbie Mann – Hull, Mass. – 1970

Memphis Underground In the winter of 1970 my friend Chet and I went down by car from the South Shore to a coastal neck of land guarding Boston Harbor from Atlantic storms. An Irish Riviera in the summer Hull was a ghost town in January. Our dealer Rich had a pound of Lebanese hash. We […]

4:20 4/20 2024

Police and parents demonized Marijuana during my youth. Reefer smokers were condemned by the courts. John Sinclair, the MC5 radical, was sentenced to ten years of prison for the crime of ‘giving’ an undercover agent two joints. The severity of his punishment did not deter the millions of marijuana smokers of the 60s from becoming […]

Beyond The Border

Over the years my friends’ sons and daughters suspected that my travels were connected to the CIA or some criminal enterprise. My denials only confirmed their opinions, mostly because none of them wanted to become their parents, unless they were rich. Recently young man contacted me on Facebook and asked if I was in Thailand […]