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HALLOWEEN / Dead Kennedys

Cowboy Versus Batman

My friend Haoui Montauk bequeathed me a Paul Smith suit in his will. We had worked at a punk nightclub together in the late-70s. He had collected the cash and I had worked the door as a bouncer. Haoui liked to call me ‘rough trade’. He wasn’t wrong. I liked a good fight now and […]

Top 5 Halloween Songs

My top 5 Halloween songs; THE MONSTER MASH by Bobby “Boris” Pickett HAUNTED CASTLE by the Kingsmen THRILLER by Michael Jackson I PUT A SPELL ON YOU – Screaming Jay Hawkins HALLOWEEN – The Dead Kennedys And the winner FIRE by Arthur Brown To hear this monster hit please go to the following URL I […]

Jews For The Orange Jesus

After the recent Shabbas I met with my Hassidic and Conservative Jewish friends. All of them had met in prison. For the most part their crime was fraud and I didn’t consider them criminals. Ex-cons yes, but not criminals. They were drinking kosher wine and whiskey. I stayed with water, as I was waiting for […]

A Curse on the White Man

Young men in the 1960s were constantly warned about the dangers of drugs, rock n roll, and sex. Sex not only led you to hell, but to Syphilis. We had no idea what Syphilis was, how you got it, and what you did once you had it other than horrific tales of doctors shoving an […]