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Patpong Back to Normal

GW Bush passed through Bangkok on his way to the Beijing Olympics. His economic advisers trawled the city for copyright sin. They were disappointed to discover the hotbeds of terrorist fake luxury goods had been purified by the ever-vigilant Bangkok Police. Al-Quada supporters on Patpong were reduced to sellign bananas and the Islamic fascists behind […]

Ashbury Park Bikinis

Jersey beaches have a tough reputation as the land of no. No radios, no dogs, no beer, no footballs, no, no, no. Back in 1980 two girls from Ashbury Park saw it different. They were free to say yes or no. I like their style. Foto from Joe Maloney Which I found on

Patpong Dawn

dawn, patpong, thailand Patpong at sunrise. Years ago I went to sleep at dawn. Now I wake up at that hour like a new-born baby. Sleep – the most beautiful experience in life – except drink. – W. C. Fields

Spirit of Patpong


Ava’s Patpong Story 1977

Men like to think of Thailand as a Disneyland for one sex of the species. Truthfully not many farang women frequent Patpong or Nana Plaza other than those harridans testing the fidelity of their disgruntled boyfriends and husbands. The temptation of Thai hookers is sometimes too strong for their spouses as was the case of […]