Monthly Archives: April 2021

Fuck James Carville

James Carville has been a racist tout for neo-Liberalism for over thirty years. This week he attacked the call ‘Defund the Police.” He has no idea what this means. Neither do my liberal white racist friends agreeing with this bald POS. In 2017, state and local governments spent $115 billion on police, $79 billion on […]

Thai Perfection or Lak-sa-na-tee-dee

The Standard English joke about the perfect girlfriend is that her father owned a pub, she’s 3′4″ with a flat head so you can put your beer on her. Simple needs, but in Thailand more than likely your girlfriend’s father is distilling moonshine lao khao or rice whiskey, she’s 5-3, and there is no way […]

Kate Teale – David Henderson Opening – May 1

I love both their works. I’ll be there at 1 PM. If permitted I might blather about Art. “Art is a good name for a man.” Andy Warhol.

I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter

Corporations tried to replaced butter with margarine in the 1960s. Ads extolled its taste and the supermarkets priced the corn-based spread cheaper than butter. I refused to eat the shit. My mother and father had six kids and switched to margarine to save money, but I refused to consume the crap and bought butter from […]

Tibetan Dogs

There is an old joke about Tibetan street dogs that is more than part true. Why do you need two sticks to take a shit in Tibet? One to hold onto and another to beat off the dogs. I never had occasion to relieve myself in the cities of Tibet, however more than once I […]