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New Year’s Eve 2009

In 2009 my options for New Year’s Eve were three; stay home and watch Dick Clark dribble on his tux, go over to Frank’s Lounge, or head up north to bring in 2010 with Andrew Camp and his wife and daughter, a gay couple, and myself. Being alone on New Year’s Eve is dangerous. Drinking […]

New Year’s Eve 2007 Pattaya

On the afternoon of December 31, 2007 heavy lorries, pick-up trucks and 125cc motorcycles with sidecars exited from the distributor at the end of my soi with thousands of beers every minute. Thousands of Thai and farang tourists were flocking into the city for the year’s final drunk in the beach resort’s countless bars, go-gos, […]

The Last Christmas Tree

After Thanksgiving Christmas trees crowd the sidewalks of New York. On the corner of Fulton and St. Felix Streets the holiday franchise has been run by Laurent and Amy, who have transported evergreens from the northern forest of Quebec for the last six seasons. We spoke in French with their accent a provincial Quebecois and […]


This morning I drove Ande’s father’s car from Brookline to Route 3 onto 128 past the snowfields of the Blue Hills and then headed south to the great metropolis of New York City. Big Blue has a radio station atop its granite bald summit. The view from the tower encompassed Boston from Cape Ann to […]

JAI YEN MAI by Peter Nolan Smith

Several years ago on Boxing Day my daughter was playing on our soi in Pattaya. A pick-up roared down the street like the driver had murdered his wife and was bell-bent for the border. From my perspective the bumper came too close to my little precious daughter and I jumped on my scooter to chase […]