Monthly Archives: August 2020

Bike Crash # 2 – 2020

The other night I rode the A Train to Brooklyn. I got off at Hoyt-Schmeerhorn. The next C train was 15 minutes away and I decided to bike the short distance to Myrtle Avenue. I climbed the stairs to ground level and set out home. Unfortunately a car swerved into the bike lane to alter […]

Neanderthal Future

Why are we here on a suddenly threatening planet? Mother Earth. It is not because the Chinese ate bats in Wuhan. We are to blame, for having destroyed this loving blue ball in Space. No humans can accept this truth. Not while they are driving fucked-up SUVs, eating poison potato chips, and drinking shitty rich […]

Boy Scout Shota

In the summer of 1962 my brother and I set out with a large contingent of fellow Boy Scouts for a Sixty-Mile hike in emulation of JFK’s call for a physical resurgence of youthful health. We departed from Adams Pond Camp south of Ossipee, NH and tramped through burnt forests and passed fields filled with […]

Frannie Fitzpatrick – A Man of Honor and Lov

My good friend Fran Fitzpatrick has set off on a distant journey with the stars. Frannie was my family’s auto repair specialist. He knocked out dents and worst on our VW Beetles. I attended Boston College from 1970 to 1974. His brother Robert taught THE MYSTERIES OF THE HOLY EUCHARIST and at a family gathering […]

What Will Be Tomorrow – Kilimanjaro

The 2020 Kili Initiative team left Kibo Hut at midnight. I wished them well on the final stage of the climb. The falling snow turned to sleet. My brother Ma’we said, “You should come, my brother.” “I know.” I had failed to summit in 2019. My right ankle was weak and my thin gloves guaranteed […]