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Mistaken Hemingways

Back in 1979 I ran into Margaux Hemingway at a disco. I introduced myself and complimented her on her role in MANHATTAN. “That was my sister.” We had a good laugh and a few drinks. Life is a laugh.

Wind River Mountains 1998

Wind River Mountains 1998 In the Spring of 1998 my 78 year-old father and I embarked on a road trip through Wyoming and Montana. We picked up a rented car in Bozeman, Montana and stopped the first night in Chico Hot Springs. The next morning the two of us continued down Paradise Valley to Yellowstone […]

A MAN OF SPEED by Peter Nolan Smith

Father’s Day has complemented Mother’s Day since 1910, although the holiday remained unofficial for decades and most Americans treated Father’s Day as a joke, until LBJ proclaimed the Third Sunday in June as Father’s Day. Six Years later Richard Nixon signed a bill to include Father’s Day in the American pantheon of holidays. “The only […]

Happy 63rd Father’s Day Poo Frank

My father passed away over twelve years ago. Today would have been his 62nd Father?s Day. Frank A Smith II was my best friend. Still is. He loved my mother and mourned her early passing from this life. My father loved his kids. All six of us. Frank III, Regina, Pam, Patrick, Michael, and me. […]

Peace on Mother’s Day

According to Wikipedia the First Mother’s Day was established as a ‘Mother’s Day for Peace’ by Anna Jarvis from Virginia in honor of her mother, Ann, who had been a pacifist during the Civil War. According to the Anna Jarvis Museum in Webster the daughter had received her inspiration after a Sunday service when her […]