Monthly Archives: June 2013

135 IN THE SHADE by Peter Nolan Smith

In the last week of August AK and I left Southern California on a cloudless morning. Our long vacation had come to an end. Victor drove us over the Hollywood Hills east out of the Valley. AK and the dancer sat in the front of the Mercedes convertible. I couldn’t hear their conversation with the […]

Bad Grass

Stephane was cutting the red grass from his field in France and posted this photo on FB. “Countryside removing the bad grass.” The picture reminded me that as a child my father had my older brother and I hand-pluck the weeds from our backyard in the Blue Hills. We were too young to use sharp […]

Punch Buggy by Bryan LeBouef

New painting from the one-time Lousiana rodeo boy. I like living artists. To see his other works, please visit his website.

Picasso’s Baby Paintings

My father and mother took their children to Pablo Picasso paintings during the 60s. My father inspected one drawing and said that I was as skilled as the Spaniard. My grammar school war paintings had won honorary mention at the diocesan art show in 1964. Picasso at that age was studying figure drawing and oil […]

Picasso No Sale

Over the last few years Richie Boy has sold a Mr. Dithers a few diamonds with hopes of scoring big with the Washingtonian financier. I became friends with Dithers after he learned that I knew Jean-Michel Basquiat. I recounted about having my girlfriend erase his painting from my refrigerator. “I wasn’t the only one to […]