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The Aroma of Paradise / Gaspe Quebec

The ride from the ferry landing on the south shore of the St Lawrence to Gaspe took longer than my father and I had anticipated, even counting for a Quebec trooper stopping my father for speeding. 160 KPH in a 100 KPH zone. My father received a warning and we were back on our way, […]

The Myth of Monkey Brains – 2017

Sitting in a Hong Kong dim sum cafe, I reflected on the strange ‘delicacies’ eaten on my travels; snails in France, dog in Indonesia, fried rats and insects in Thailand, alligator in Florida, and sausage pies in the UK, but whenever the discussions comes around the table to the most revolting meal in the world […]

Oysters On The Hudson

Every summer the Lenape traveled with the seaward tide to harvest the oysters from the Muhheakantuck or the River that flows both ways. The middens of discard shells created large mounds and the Dutch named a path Pearl Street for the luminous nacres. PSD the name Manhattan means “place of inebriation. Judy Nylon wrote The […]

Trouville France – 1985

In the summer of 1985 Candia and I took the train to Deauville for a vacation from Paris. Deauville itself was out of our budget, so we stayed in the neighboring town, Trouville or ‘city of a hole’. The weather was pleasant and we might have gone swimming during the day. The first night I […]

Dinner For Thirteen

The Synoptic Gospels recount Jesus Christ’s Palm Sunday entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. Seven days later the preacher had been betrayed by Judas, arrested by the authorities, tried by the Romans, crucified on the order of Pontius Pilate, buried in a cave, and rose from a deathlike coma a week later. Over the centuries […]