Monthly Archives: February 2007


Saturday night out on the town and it’s 2:30am. Way past a man my age’s bedtime. however the gentle persuasion of my good friend Sam Royalle coaxed the devil in me to stay out another hour. Most punters head to Marine Disco or the JP Bar, however our choice for a nightcap is the Casino […]

GOP Weather Genius

Richie Boy and his wife are up north in Vermont. He reported blizzard-like conditions mirroring the predictions of meteorologists across the Northeast. The region will be hit Thursday and Friday by a frigid hurricane sweeping moisture off the Atlantic. I warned Richie Boy to clear the roof of his trailer and get fire wood in […]

Oscar Party Pattaya 2007

No limos or red carets for Oscar parties on Soi 6, despite some of the best acting performance coming from the upper rooms above that salubrious strip. The short time bars had closed at 2am and the girls sought their pillows, lovers, or a bottle of cheap Thai whiskey to help bring in the dawn. […]

Jomtien Murder of Two Russians

Early Saturday morning a security guard along Jomtien Beach in Pattaya supposedly heard four shots. A Thai man drove off on a motorcycle. A convenience store’s CCTV camera caught the fleeing man on film.  The guard checked the area to discover two Russian women. they ahd been shot in the head. Later their hotel claimed that the women […]

Gung Hei Fat Choy (Year of the Pig Zhu) 2007 Pattaya

Woke this morning in Pattaya to the crackle of fireworks, as the local Chinese celebrated the upcoming Year of the Pig or Pi Mai Moo. I asked my wife if she wanted to scare away the demons with fireworks and she said, “Only Chinese do.” “I see Thais do it too.” “Not real Thai.” With that […]