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Bouffant The 60s the Surf Nantasket

In 1966 I met Joe Kane from Mattapan at the Surf Nantasket, a dance Mecca, for teenagers on the South Shore of Boston. Her bouffant was lacquered stiff as a football helmet by Aquanet hair spray. Once a week we went to the Mattapan Oriental theater for the matinee to make out in the balcony. […]

Rolling Stones – Barcelona – June, 13 1990, music

June 13 1990 Fresh off a Bangkok-Paris flight of my cicumnavigation of the world, I was staying down in Perpignan. My friends Sara Silver and Olivier Brial had scored tickets to the Stones Urban Jungle show in Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium through her work connection at Sony. We were three, but had twenty tix in total. […]

NEW YEAR’S EVE ALL RIGHT by Peter Nolan Smith

In the Spring of 1969 my teenage sweetheart’s mother was dating a Chilean pianist. One Friday evening the two adults left the brunette cheerleader in charge of the house and after she put her younger brother to bed, I came over for a study session. An hour at the books was our passport to a […]

Yo Da Man

“Hey you know something people I’m not black But there’s a whole lots a times I wish I could say I’m not white.” I have lived by these words from the Mothers of Invention’s FREAK OUT LP, which I stole that record from Zayre discount store in 1969. I was working at the same store. […]

AX IN HAND by Peter Nolan Smith

My mother had spent her honeymoon on Bermuda. Every winter my parents had vacationed in the Caribbean and each July my father rented a Harwichport cottage for a week. My mother loved the ocean. On summer weekends they loaded his six children into the Ford Station wagon for a drive to the beach. Massachusetts had […]