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A Bee O’er Bleecker

A bee buzzed the 9th Floor O’er Bleecker Seeking sweet nectar Only Dead Flowers here The bee a Rolling Stones fan. DEAD FLOWERS

White Condo Fog

An April overcast overwhelms A white luxury condo O’er Jay Street Brooklyn Obscuring the upper floors Earth warm Sky cold My fingers chilled Not by Winter But by the damp of Spring. The new season One month in My joints ache in the damp Old Some of me My mind 15 1967 Ruby Tuesday The […]

Keith Will Outlive Us All

Brian Jones was the prettiest of the Rolling Stones. He died at the young age of 27. His beauty has corrupted from his bones in the grave at Cheltenham Cemetery. A pretty boy no more. Surprisingly Keith Richards will probably outlive all the Stones. He has the sympathy of the Devil.

Playing With Fire

My young friends sometimes complain that these times are no fun. Gwen O’Neils’ comrades aren’t like that. To quote the band ART, “Our fun begins where other peoples’ fun ends. And they know how to play it safe too. Notice the plastic cup filled with something. Opps, I guess it was gasoline. Burn baby burn. […]

The Aging Of Beauty

“Would you want your daughter to marry a Rolling Stone?” Most parents would have answered ‘no’, however many of their daughters yearned to be seduced by a member of the Rolling Stones. Few succeeded as well as Anita Pallenberg, an Italian actress/model, who had romances with Brian Jones and Keith Richards, plus a short affair […]