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THE WRONG SIZE SHOES by Peter Nolan Smith

Twenty-five minutes after the stroke of Twelve New Year’s Eve 1982 a masked assassin shot dead the main investor a block away from the Continental Club on West 25th Street. The FBI and NYPD Internal Affairs investigating Viktor Malenski’s murder and quickly drew lines between the dots. My ex-girlfriend was living with the dead man’s […]


NEW WAVE VAUDEVILLE has Alice and the other participants in a panic. I’ve seen a few rehearsals. Klaus has been fantastic, David McDermott the quintessential fey emcee. Stanley the Polish manager of l of Irving Place, tells everyone that the show will be a big success. Alice and her co-hoster Susan have given it her […]


The Thai police are a law unto themselves. The ‘Tam-Luak’ plunder the Thais with a pirate’s greed. If they find no infraction, then the boys in brown will manufacture a crime to reap ‘tea money’ for their superiors. In their eyes no one is truly innocent. Most farangs know well enough to avoid the Thai […]

Free Love for Fools

“Several years back I sipping an afternoon tea at my Pattaya local off Soi Concrete. My kidneys were extremely fragile after the previous weekend?s industrial drinking at the Buffalo Bar of Sai 3. As I finished reading the sports in the Bangkok Post, a thick-bellied Australian waddled down the steep stairs. The local rented rooms […]

30 In 30 Out

30 In 30 Out The hierarchy of farang Pattaya is ranked according to the source of your money. At the top are those rich retirees divorced their wives before their investments could be raped for alimony. Second come the westerners working for the up-market chains as executives. Third stand successful go-go bar owners and hotel […]