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Angry White People – 2011

When I moved in the East Village with my hillbilly girlfriend in 1977, I never walked down East 10th Street between 1st Avenue and Second Avenue. I told my girlfriend to not do the same. She obeyed my edict, because it was the right thing to do and she was from West Virginia. No one […]

Guns On Avenue C – 1986

In the 1970s I always said that the East Village looked like Rome three days after the sack of the Visigoths 410 CE. Buildings burned day and night. The overstretched 9th precinct triaged the streets beyond 1st Avenue. No patrols ventured farther than Tompkins Square Park. Shooting galleries outnumbered bodegas and hordes of thieves fearlessly […]

May 10, 1978 – Journal Entry

Antonio and I look out the windows of the Ebasco executive dining room. A thick fog obscures Lower Manhattan, as the last gasps of the winter was strangled by a spring breeze from the south. We have finished with serving lunch and wipe the silverware clean. The Spanish waiter surprises me with a small ball […]

May 5, 1978 – East Village – Journal

Kim, her sister Kyle, and I walked from their apartment on Bleecker Street in a heavy evening rain. The gutters swiftly swelled with the run-off. At Broadway Kim announced that she is having her first period after her abortion. The cramps are killing her, but she said, “I’ll feel better after a drink.” We carried […]

May 4, 1978 – Journal Entry

Shitting is a great release of tension. Antonio at the Ebasco dining room and I share the same schedule. “Every time I eat here, I gotta take a shit 30 minutes later.” “Right before we serve lunch.” “Like clockwork.” “And then at 2.” Tick-tock.” I had only been constipated once in my life at fourteen. […]