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May 8, 1978

Back in April Johny Blitz of the Dead Boys was attacked on Second Avenue by people unknown. He was stabbed five times and luckily survived after a miraculous Emergency Room operation. In order to pay his hospital bills, Arturo Vega organized a thirty band Johnny Blitz benefit. Blondie closed out the shows at CBGBs with […]

May 3, 1978 – Journal Entry

Blondie closed out the Johnny Blitz Benefit at CBGBs with a cover of a Donna Summer hit. LOVE TO LOE YOU, BABY. I stood at the right of the stage with Excessive. This was punk’s woodstock. The benefit packed the house each night, despite rumors of funds being siphoned off for a continuous party. At […]

January 3, 1979 – Journal – East Village

Alice and I get drunk at CBGBs with Bill Yusk. At CBGBs. Where else? Alice was mad at me, because she had to wait at the door. Lisa Krystal wouldn’t let her in for free without me. Kim wasn’t waitressing either. “I don’t understand why they treat you like they do.” Alice thinks I’m nothing. […]

December 29, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

Disco was king on 1978 AM airwaves. Rock and roll came a distant second and punk barely scratched the airwaves. Everyone was into Disco. Donna Summer, a Dorchester native, struck platinum with MacArthur Park and Last Dance, Chic took over # 1 in December with Le Freak. The shout for Disco echoed across the country […]

Journal Entry – January 4, 1978

I’ve slept with Fran several times this week. She wants to nail down my freedom. I don’t know why. Last night at One-Fifth Bert, Cecile, and I discussed romance. Bert is a homosexual portrait painter with a receding hairline and Cecilean older woman with a very avant-grade view of innocence. She loves make-up and dressing […]