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Lightning Strike More Than Once 2008

Songkran signals the approach of the rainy season. The collision of wet warm fronts with hot dry fronts stimulate epic lightning storms. My girlfriend always insisted on shutting off every electrical device in the house other than the fans. Thais shiver in fear of a lightning strike with good reason. Everyone knew someone who had […]

Blinding Snow – Mount Ranier – 1998

In 1998 my father, Todd Shikegane and I toured the Northwest in my friend’s van. Arriving at Mt. Ranier in the morning Todd and I went for a hike. My father remained in the lodge by the fire with his crossword puzzle. In his 80s his tramping days were over. The path climbed through sunny […]

A Wet March Saturday

Saturday March 23 Snow up north of Albany Slush on Warren Street In Hudson And the hard rain Done in Brooklyn Fingertips feel like winter Toes warm in good boots The streets shed of people Awaiting Tomorrow’s Warm Palm Sunday.

Neither Rain Nor Sleet Not Snow

Boston. Snow from Feb. 6, 1978 to February 7, 1978. A world-class blizzard buried New England. Boston was buried by twenty-seven inches of snow in thirty-two hours. Manhattan was covered by a blanket of white. I was worried about my parents and called 109 Harborview Road to tell my father that I was coming home […]

-10 Centigrade

-10 Centigrade On Myrtle Avenue Me Warm within winter wear Old Sol 93 million miles away Solar waves on my face It’s real wintah I might not be ready For the North Pole But I’m ready For Wintah on Clinton Hill.