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Myrtle and Broadway – Axis of Axis

Myrtle and Broadway under the elevated J and M trains ranked as the scivviest intersection in Brooklyn. During COVID the triangular corner had been colonized by a cult of Meth heads, K2 fiends, Oxy zombies devoted to a collective intoxication. A ragged woman set up shop selling drugs from her filthy encampment under the subway […]

COVID Plus 4

Four years ago April 21, 2020 No planes In the sky No people On Vanderbilt Avenue Me Alone Same today April 21 2024 Afternoon Cold Gray clouds A pale silver sun Over a bankrupt luxury condo A few people on the sidewalk. Four years ago None Me Out for a walk Alone Today alone Although […]

Rent-Free Hell 2016

Yesterday was Easter Sunday and on the C train between Hoyt-Schemmerhorn and Lafayette Street a young man was preaching about the wrath of his lord. “God loves his flock, but hates a sinner. All you sinners will have a special place of torment in Hell.” He glared about the subway car like Josef Mengele, the […]

Maundy Thursday

In 1977 I lived in Park Slope with James Spicer. The silver-haired jazz impressario representing several jazz stars only charged me $120 for a room in the spacious townhouse. We drank up the street at the Gaslight Pub. James thrived on the streetwise clientele and I sparred with a Frenchman for pinball supremacy. Michel the […]

A Wet March Saturday

Saturday March 23 Snow up north of Albany Slush on Warren Street In Hudson And the hard rain Done in Brooklyn Fingertips feel like winter Toes warm in good boots The streets shed of people Awaiting Tomorrow’s Warm Palm Sunday.