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Highlights Of 2015 Part II July to December

Mike of the Canadians at the 169. Adrian Dannett et moi. Dakota, Eric, and moi at Bobby’s Corner in Times Square. The maestro Cecil Taylor. Cecil’s long piano. The pond chez Camp in Dutchess County. Scarlett Camp with a sparkler. JG and Johnny Chofur chez Libby. The happy Camp couple. Fort Tilden minus the hipsters. […]

Highlights Of 2015 Part I January to June

Kicking off the New Year with the Pollocks. My son Fenway. My daughter Angie’s birthday. Malcolm Butler’s last second miraculous interception to win the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots. Drinking at the 169 with Johnny. An opening at Miguel Abreau. James Benning’s video triptych at Miguel Abreau. Snow on General Fowler’s statue in […]

Revere Beach Xmas Morn

In the late 19th Century the working classes needed escape from the daily trauma of merciless bosses of low paid jobs and the railroads constructed narrow-gauge lines leading out of the cities to summer destinations such as lakes and beaches. Boston’s Brahmins cautiously accepted this invasion of the suburbs as long as the destinations were […]

Missing Foundation – 1933 Your House Is Mine

The East Village had been a refuge for the artistic underclass since the Beatnik era. I moved to the Lower East Side in 1976. It was unlike my native Boston and complimented by the collapsing cities around the USA and decaying neighborhoods of New York. We thought capitalist civilization was on its last legs, but […]

Long Lines

Women suffer at public bathrooms. Their clothing restrains a quick entry and exit as much as the fact that most women’s bathroom are designed for two or three stalls at max. I’ve always been astounded by the length of the queues before the lady’s room, but the men’s room isn’t much better when men drink […]