Monthly Archives: July 2012

Up Country Blackout

I’m upcountry in the Western Forests of Thailand. There are no farangs on the mountainous border on Burma. Just me and that’s more than enough for me, so please excuse the absence on Mangozeen, but I’ve been re-writing my hitchhiking novel BACK AND FORTH I’ll be back in civilization this evening. Have the London Olympics […]

The Memory Of An Elephant

Elephants rival humans, apes, and dolphins for intelligence. Their dense highly folded brains are well suited for memory retention of their long lives, but some ethnic humans can never forget a tragedy and this week the families of the athletes slain at the 1972 Munich Olympics asked for a moment of silence to honor their […]

NBC Sucks

My nephew in Palm Beach had a meltdown about NBC’s failing to provide live coverage for the London Olympic opening ceremonies. Dear, NBC. You’re all a bunch of capitalist pigs, I hope you get swine flu and take all you advertising dollars to your graves while you’re devoid of real emotion and even more of […]

New Sport for the 2012 Olympics

Women’s Naked Telephone Stuffing. No men allowed. Where they staging that event in the London Olympics anyway? Ticket must be hard to get.

TWICE THE MAN by Peter Nolan Smith

My good friend Marge had lived a long life. The Maine native had served as the athletic director at several all-women’s colleges in New England. The nonagenarian exercised daily and ate healthy foods. Marge abstained from alcohol, although she liked a cold beer on a hot summer day on Watchic Pond. Back in 1927 my […]