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May 29, 1995 – LA – the Milk Bar

1995 Los Angeles Beverly Hills to be exact. May 29. My birthday. No cake. No candles. My life was not BEVERLY HILLS 90210, but the stars from the popular TV show came every night along with many others. The Milk Bar was something no one had seen in Los Angleles for a long time. Grace […]

Grace Grace Grace

Strangely Grace Jones performed SLAVE TO THE RYTHYM at the Queen’s Jubilee, while spinning a hula-hoop around her waist. An odd choice for QEII, but Grace Jones has reached a broad audience over the years. The last time I saw Grace was in Beverly Hills Hotel back in 1995. Strangely Grace Jones performed SLAVE TO […]

The 420 Bus to Hollywood

In the late spring of 1995 I lived with Scottie Taylor in a North Hollywood pool house. The homeowner ran a strip club off West Pico Boulevard. Dennis’ dancers sunbathed nude in the mornings. They were Jesus freaks and read the Bible like a choir of fallen angels. Scottie and I were sinners in their […]

June 29, 1995 – Los Angeles – Journal Entry

Only four more days until I leave Los Angeles. I made no friends. No one told a joke or a story. I’m more than ready to leave. I came with nothing. I leave with nothing. Scottie and I remain friends and I do withJoel Bernard.. Time to go. The tempeeature is rising and the cloudless […]

NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD by Peter Nolan Smith Chapter One

Six women crowded the honeymoon suite of the Coastal Motel north of Ventura. The buxom ‘groom’ patiently lay on the bed for her ‘bride’, while the brutish camerawoman glanced at the director and tapped her watch. “Lena, are you ready yet?” A bead of sweat trickled down the wiry director’s spine, as she knocked on […]