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The 420 Bus to Hollywood

In the late spring of 1995 I lived with Scottie Taylor in a North Hollywood pool house. The homeowner ran a strip club off West Pico Boulevard. Dennis’ dancers sunbathed nude in the mornings. They were Jesus freaks and read the Bible like a choir of fallen angels. Scottie and I were sinners in their […]

Under The HOLLYWOOD Sign – Poem – By Peter Nolan Smith

Desert scrub weaved between gleaming mansions Above Sunset Boulevard To the new wilderness where coyotes hunted pets Jake lived under the HOLLYWOOD sign The letters OD filled his bedroom window. Thar loved lying in bed with Jake His skin was so soft for a man Almost as soft as Thar’s If only Thar could be […]

We Miss You Bobby

In the summer of 1966 I was standing with my father at the Lower Mills station outside of Boston. We were headed to work. A Mattapan-bound trolley stopped to let off a crowd. My father and I were mystified by the hubbub, until the trolley pulled away from the platform and we spotted Robert F. […]

Seagulls On Laxatives

Sexual Race Traitor

2000 started the new millennium. My plans for the future were short-term, so I had a good feeling for the next decade. MTV threw a New Year’s Eve bash in Times Square. Most certainly drugs and drink were involved in the evening’s festivities, yet no sex since I had forsworn coupling with white women in […]