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In the 1960s young boys around the USA watched Bruno Sanmartino face off against George the Animal Steele in the square circle of wrestling. Our parents told us that these combats were faked, but we loved them as much as our teachers hated the Three Stooges. Real was Viet-Nam, Watts, and LBJ. Wrestling was an […]

Thai Etiquette (Lese Majeste)

“I still don’t understand why that Aussie writer got 3 years for slandering the king.” Aussie Mike was drunk. Most anyone would be if they drank 20 whiskey-cokes every night for the past three weeks. His words were slurred, but two waitresses at the Pig Pen narrowed their eyes as if a ghost or phi […]


Years ago I was traveling through Mexico on my way to Texas. The bus stopped at a small village and I bought some tacos. One tasted funny. Within several hours my body was wracked by gastric convulsions. I got off the bus in a small nameless town and booked a room in a disreputable posada. […]

The Program Chez Rikers

The recent death of Riker’s Island inmate Christopher Robinson has brought to light the brutality of the New York City penal system. Bad people do bad things. The deceased had been remanded to custody for a string of robberies. While in a single cell, three other prisoner entered his cell to give him a behavioral […]

Year of the Ox Happy New Year

“Beware of the sick buffalo.” This warning should be displayed in large letters at all entrance to Thailand, for anyone who has lived there long enough has heard the old plea for money, “Buffalo sick.” “Buffalo?” This is the 21st Century, however nothing Thai farmers love more than buffalo or kwai. The bovine creatures symbolize […]