Monthly Archives: October 2006

Bible thumper zapped to Heaven by police

17% of Americans believe that Christ will stage his 2nd Coming in their lifetime. TV media messiahs seek teens to fatten their flock, but as Karl Marx said, “Religion is the greatest opiate of the masses other than opium.” Refused access to a harmless marijuna high by gestapo narks, sub-draft age kids are turning to […]

US $ (Dollar) drops below 37 baht

Listening to the Fox News flacks boast the US economy, I don’t think the talking heads are worried about the 3 million Americans living overseas. Our purchasing value has lost 11% over the past year and the GOP crows that this imbalance makes American products more attractive to foreign consumers. American products? Pornography, cars better suited to […]

Bathroom frolic

Erica Jong wrote a airborne toilet sex scene into her novel FEAR OF FLYING. The novel sold millions and intorduced the term ‘mile-high sex’ into the American lexicon. Actually aviation sex should have been called ‘about five-mile high sex’ since most trans-Atlantic flight fly at 30,000 feet. I tried to persuade a few girlfirends to initiate me into this lofty […]

Lingerie thief caught in the act

Years ago my cousin Sharon starred in the XXX film trade. She performed in over 2000 skin flicks. Her performance as a runaway teenager in THE SEDUCTION OF JOY was more honest Nicole Kidman in MOULIN ROUGE, however pornstars never get nominated for Oscars. Exiled from the mainstream my cousin sought various incomes to augment her acting […]

Hollywood Disco in Pattaya struck by Texas Lightning

Two years ago the entrance of the Hollywood Disco burned to the ground. Fortunately no one died and authorities blamed the conflagration on a short with the exterior lighting. Lightning normally doesn’t strike twice unless it’s Texas Lightning. Monday night the entrance to Hollywood Disco was once more wrapped in fire. No customers were in […]