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July 13, 1986 Journal

Looking sliding my thigh between yours Denim on denim Skin beneath the denim The train rocks on the track Lena and me stand At the end of the car Only a few passengers We don’t care if they look We are lost In this act Your hand on my crotch My cock underneath the denim […]

East Village Dawn October 26, 1986 – Journal

East Village Dawn Dawn Crawling towards noon Lena’s bare feet pad across barer floors To an open window Overlooking the alley willow Turns Then to the closet Grabs A silk robe To wrap ’round her nakedness Back to the bedroom Seven steps Then Lena sits silently on the bed Her hand Touches my thigh Caresses […]


Lolitas on the subway Taunting all men’s desires A finger pulls apart the school uniform Fourteen and ripe with power Ingenue eyes asking, “You want to watch?” And what man can refuse Lolitas’ lost lips Mocking at all men. Their peals of teenage lust echoing of tiled walls Going home Thumpbam Thump bam Thump thump […]

Classic Poetic Dysleixa

Edgar Allen Poe, Hart Crane, Willam Yeats 1916 Frank o’Hara, Bukowski, Ginsberg, The Rubiyat of Omar Khayyam Ezra Pound, Emily Dickenson, Sylvia Plath, Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva Every one of them considered mad to write poetry. My words of madness find me on the George Washington Bridge resisting the urge to fly Hart Crane’s supposed last […]

Lazarus II – Smell of The Grave

I have a new life After death. Last month Alex was sweet___ She lied About my odor___ Not only I do smell old I smell of Lazarus. Risen From the grave__ I need a new smell Aan old bottle of perfume For Lazurus II A new smell. Even Alex knows the truth.