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Bouffant The 60s the Surf Nantasket

In 1966 I met Joe Kane from Mattapan at the Surf Nantasket, a dance Mecca, for teenagers on the South Shore of Boston. Her bouffant was lacquered stiff as a football helmet by Aquanet hair spray. Once a week we went to the Mattapan Oriental theater for the matinee to make out in the balcony. […]

Birkin Bag Hong Kong -2017

In 2017 I was commissioned by the Aide De Camp of an Arab prince to deliver a $100,000 Hermes Birkin bag to a Hong Kong banker. $2000 plus flights hotel and a trip to see my family in Thailand. I flew from NYC to HK empty-handed and picked up the bag at an auction house […]

Bowie and Cher 1975

David Bowie’s career saw ups and downs. The worst period was in the early 70s. The English glam rocker succumbed to heroin. His best friend was Iggy. Money went faster than it came and his financial commitments required his appearing on the CHER SHOW in 1975. Their duet covered YOUNG AMERICANS and several pop classics. […]

Easter Finery 2019

My mother instilled in her children the desire to look good. “It’s one thing to be broke and quite another to look broke.” I got dressed up in her honor for Easter. A suit and tie. I’m sure that would make her happy in the Here-Before. Now all I have to do is shave off […]

Leather Coat Paris

London 1978 In 1978 I had left NYC to join my model/girlfriend, Lisa. We lived in West London Studio, A two-story post modern complex on Fulham Road. Right at the entrance to the Chelsea football pitch. Game days we didn’t leave the apartment. As the opposing crews waged war outside the pubs. I had nothing […]