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PEOPLE SUCK Gus and the Snowmen

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I am wandering around the Fort Greene Observatory in a green cotton robe. The windows are open and the curtains are up. The people in the new condo building are probably staring into their binoculars and saying, “That crazy old coot is naked again.” They’re right and I’m about to […]

No More Beer For Lent

I’m an old atheist. Non-Belief runs in my family as strongly as the acceptance of the Divine. I was raised a Catholic. The Old Religion. My rejection of faith at the age of eight failed to deter my buying into the celebrations of the saints throughout the Church calendar; St. Brigid’s Day, St. Padraic’s Day, […]

WIN AT ANY COST by Peter Nolan Smith

In 1968 the Baltimore Colts entered Super Bowl III as 18-point favorites over the New York Jets. The NFL champions were led by Earl Morrall in place of Johnny Unitas, while the AFL underdogs were quarterbacked by the flashy Joe Namath and the Alabama native boasted in Miami, “We’re gonna win the game. I guarantee […]

The Cost of Morality

In 1977 a Beacon Hill lawyer hired me to vanish his gas-guzzling Oldsmobile. $300 to never seen the Detroit pig again. It was grand-theft auto, but the risk was minimal. He’d report the car stolen the next day and collect on the insurance within a month. I had disappeared three of his friend’s lemons during […]


div class=”separator” style=”clear: both;”> I was born on May 29 1952 at Boston’s Richardson House. My mother’s labor had taken hours and she had always claimed that she had gone down to the Valley of Death to deliver me. I was born healthy, so my first day on Earth was a good one. Many followed. […]