Monthly Archives: September 2007

Burma Crisis

Gas prices were doubled in Burma. A few hundred brave souls protested on the streets of Yangoon. The army did nothing. Emboldened buddhist monks spoke out against the decrepit regime. Some dared to march in the street. Soon it was thousands. SLORC couldn’t tolerate open manifestation of defiance and gave orders to the soldiers to shoot […]

Heaven Above Back from the Darkness – Pattaya

After a month’s absence from Pattaya’s galaxy of go-gos Heaven Above has re-opened thoroughly renovated for the upcoming season. The closure was due to the local police’s  moral strictures on nudity and if anyone know how to identify sin, it’s the boys in brown. This is no longer your father’s Pattaya. Last night Heaven was […]

No Homos in Iran

Years ago a police commissioner visited Pattaya to officially survey the night life. A Bangkok reporter asked, “What are your views on prostituition in Pattaya?” “Prostituition?” The top copper was wearing sunglasses on Walking Street. “All I see are young people having fun.” His response harvested hearty chuckles from longtime Pattaya residents, but nothing like the chortles from a Columbia […]

Ramadan in Pattaya

Ramadan is the holy fast month for Muslims. The word comes from Arabic for intense heat, scorched ground, and shortness of rations. Summer in the desert. During this period Muslims refrain from eating or sexual intercourse from sunrise to sunset and are also are urged to desist from the more venal weakness of human nature […]

Sinatra in Hiding.

The Thai government has once more requested help from Interpol to find Thaksin’s address in the UK. It’s not like Sinatra’s taking a low profile in the UK. He appears at the Man City games and published a series of photos showing the former PM having a BBQ at his new house. Maybe they should […]