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Robert Wilson’s THE OLD WOMAN at BAM

THE OLD WOMAN was loosely based on the absurdist stories of Danil Kharms, an avant grade Bolshevik writer who survived a Soviet purge to retreat into safety of children literature. His adult stories were short. FALLING OLD LADIES is the basis of THE OLD WOMAN Because of her excessive curiosity, an old lady fell out […]

Graceful In Slumber

Some people born graceful even in slumber.


Bikes are heavy. They fall over. Here’s how to get one up.

A Letter from Huey Newton

A Letter from Huey Newton to the Revolutionary Brothers and Sisters about the Women’s Liberation and Gay Liberation Movements” is considered the first pro-gay, pro-woman proclamation to come out of the black civil rights movement. During the past few years strong movements have developed among women and among homosexuals seeking their liberation. There has been […]

Fight Scene in GIANT

James Dean fought Rock Hudson in the epic Texan film GIANT. Dean’s character Jett Rink comes out on top in the first encounter after Hudson’s Bick lowers his guard. A second fight doesn’t come off as Jett passes out in a wine cellar dead drunk. “You’re not even worth hitting. … You’re all through.” Bick […]