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Dinner With Lazurus

According to John 12:1 six days before Passover Jesus visited Lazarus, whom he had risen from the grave the previous year. Dinner was served by Lazurus’ sister, Martha. His last miracle. “Silami?” Aramaic for ‘how are you doing?’ must have been his Resurrectionist’s greeting. “Better than being dead or in Beersheba,” Lazarus have joked. “Anidanidi […]

The Immaculate Conception of The Blessed Virgin Mary

In the Second Century CE the mother of Mary debuted into Christian belief in the Gospel Of St. James. The tale of her conception without sex was cobbled together in the Gospel of James from Greek myths and an Old Testament fable Samuel’s mother giving birthing without enduring penetration by her infertile husband, Joachim. The […]

November 27, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

for us all. Two weeks ago Bill Yusk fronted me an ounce of hashish. I’ve yet to sell any of it. I can’t even be a drug dealer and worse I’ve smoke a quarter ounce. Ann brought home Sherry. I have slowly acquire a taste for the British liquor, although sherry tastes too much like […]

A Day Of No Atonement

Yom Kippur has long been the holiest holiday for Jews around the world. The period of fasting lasts twenty-five hours and eating and drinking, anointing the body with moisturizer or oil, bathing, sexual relations, and wearing leather shoes number the prime rules for atonement for the year’s sins, however Israeli will never atone for the […]

Sie Gesund The Mohel

Two days ago Philip L. Sherman, New York City’s most prominent mohel, passed away after performing over 27,000 circumcisions over forty-five years. A truly holy man, this mohel had time to play music and ride motorcycles between his busy schedule of B’rit milahs, an average of three daily. “My record is eleven in one day […]