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Mary Magdalene Rage -2009

IGNORANT DOUCHEBAD ANIMALS LIKE YOU SHOULD BE ON LEASHES! Wow. It is true that I like sexy girls and the Church has never canonized Mary Magdalene, but the writer was correct in his assertion that Mary Magdalene was never an alabaster woman. There was no mention of her selling her body in the Gospel. Western […]

Dinner With Lazurus

According to John 12:1 six days before Passover Jesus visited Lazarus, whom he had risen from the grave the previous year. Dinner was served by Lazurus’ sister, Martha. His last miracle. “Silami?” Aramaic for ‘how are you doing?’ must have been his Resurrectionist’s greeting. “Better than being dead or in Beersheba,” Lazarus have joked. “Anidanidi […]