NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Chapter 5 by Peter Nolan Smith

FIVE The warm California sun flayed the storm clouds into fleecy shreds and soon the morning reminded every non-native why they had moved to Los Angeles in the first place. The two days of rain had painted the hillside scrubs a verdant green and the palm trees wavered with the waning wind. The temperature rose […]

NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Chapter 2 by Peter Nolan Smith

A baby’s plaintive cry bounced down the airshaft into the pitch-black bedroom. The middle-aged man on the mattress opened his eyes. The upstairs neighbors must have brought their infant home from the hospital. The bawling ceased as soon as his feet touched the bare wooden floor. Sleep belonged to another day and Sean Coll stumbled […]

NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Chapter 3 by Peter Nolan Smith

THREE Twenty stories above the Las Vegas Strip Louie Sinreich examined his thirty-one year-old body in the floor-to-ceiling mirrors. Five hours a week at a Hollywood gym had transformed his raw musculature to an Adonis statue. The effect was all natural, which was more than he could say for his overnight guest, a surgically-altered blonde […]

NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD Chapter 1 by Peter Nolan Smith

Six women were crowded the honeymoon suite of the Coastal Motel. None of them was the bride. She was in the bathroom. The groom was on the bed, patiently waiting for the bathroom door to open for her co-star. The camerawoman had another shoot scheduled for this evening and she tapped her watch. A bead […]