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The Difference of Three Days

According to the New Testament the Hebrew legal council surrendered Yeshua bar Yosef to the Roman Prefect of Judaea. The Sanhedrin accused the citizen of Galilee of the blasphemy of claiming to be the King of the Jews. Pontius Pilate concluded that the healer was innocent of these charges, however the Passover crowd before the […]

Dinner For Thirteen

The Synoptic Gospels recount Jesus Christ’s Palm Sunday entry into Jerusalem on a donkey. Seven days later the preacher had been betrayed by Judas, arrested by the authorities, tried by the Romans, crucified on the order of Pontius Pilate, buried in a cave, and rose from a deathlike coma a week later. Over the centuries […]

Ides Of March

Julius Caesar returned from the Conquest of Gaul loaded with plunder i.e. gold and slaves. He paid off the debt of every Roman, thereby freeing the hoi polloi from the tyranny of the upper classes. The Senators feared the Dictatorí rising popularity and accused Caesar of seeking the title of King. Caesar rejected their claim, […]


Latin was a required language for the top classes of Xaverian Brothers High SChool during the 60s. The first ancient words learned by freshmen were ‘amo, amas, amat’ and ‘agricola’.The former was the verb to love and the latter meant farmer which was one of the few male nouns with a female ending. My teacher […]

Say it loud, Iím black and Iím proud. 2010

Say it loud, Iím black and Iím proud. James Brown sang those words to the entire nation. Even the KKK heard, but back in the 1960s not everyone was listening to the singer of PLEASE PLEASE ME, since black music could only be heard on the far ends of the AM radio spectrum. I twisted […]