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Cinco De Mayo

Fifteen years ago my brother-in-law and I left the cabin on Watchic Pond. My sister remained in the kitchen prepping for lunch. The bright spring sun had heated the morning and the thermometer nailed to a tall pine read 72F. Our task, putting in the dock in the lake in early May. The water temperature […]

Bring on the Revolution – 2011

Last week I went out to eat with my nephews and their parents at a Mexican restaurant on Okochobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach. The conversation gravitated to sports; baseball for Trey, golf for Reese, and basketball for their father and me. Their mother was happy to be left in peace. After dinner we stepped […]

May 1, 1978 – Journal Entry

None of us at CBGBs were hippies, but some of us liked ice hockey. Last night the New York Islanders were knocked out of the Stanley playoffs by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Tomorrow the semi-finals of the Stanley Cup begin with the Bruins versus the Flyers and the fucking Habs against the Maple Leafs. And […]


A drifter stand on Route 15 The Sonoran Desert
 All around Bobby BeBadd Hot Asphalt Under his feet
 The sun parching his Gringo skin Skag soothing his soul
 But Bobby wants
 A cold cerveza
 More Culiacan heroin
 And Mazatlan.
 A coastal city.
 THe magic of its name.
 Old Aztec magic.
 Nahuatal for abundant […]

ZOMBIE DREAMS by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in 2009 Brock Dundee hired my driving services for a road trip across the Midwest. The Scottish filmmaker was seeking out the statues of a dying Irish sculptor in Middle America. His plan was to video the works and then film the artist seeing his works for the last time. My boss at the […]