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Quinton fished the Casco Bay from Peakes Island.
 The other day-fishers know his boat.
 A 1985 Seaway 22-footer running the Drunken Ledge,
 The Cod Ledges,
Big Ridge, and the Tanta’s ‘punkin bottom’.
 Pollock and cod in the winter.
 All in sight of the Ram’s Head Light station.
 Quinton 56.
 Fishing all he know.
 Not speaking much,

Lazarus II

Two summers ago in the black night of Brooklyn I spewed several liters of blood into the bathroom tub. After wiping the retch from my face More blood surged from my body. Liters’ Something was not right. Something was very wrong. In a taxi I crossed the East River. To NYU Inside the emergency room. […]

A Bee O’er Bleecker

A bee buzzed the 9th Floor O’er Bleecker Seeking sweet nectar Only Dead Flowers here The bee a Rolling Stones fan. DEAD FLOWERS

Staten Island Fog – Journal 1978

From May 9, 1978 Journal On the Staten Island Ferry The first time I’ve left Manhattan Since Boston. I can’t see anything of Manhattan. The fog follows the ferry’s wake. The harbor air The gray sea dark as the gray air. The world a maze of opaque sameness. The ferry approaches St. George. The passengers […]

Off To Rockaway – Full Speed Ahead

May 7 Seven months in New York Like a marooned sailor Like Richard Burton The Nile explorer On the beach in Trieste Ships sailing away on the Adriatic Burton going nowhere Like me. But Today I stand on A Wall Street Wharf Not a hint of winter on the river Spring 75 Sunny I am […]