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May 29, 1995 – LA – the Milk Bar

1995 Los Angeles Beverly Hills to be exact. May 29. My birthday. No cake. No candles. My life was not BEVERLY HILLS 90210, but the stars from the popular TV show came every night along with many others. The Milk Bar was something no one had seen in Los Angleles for a long time. Grace […]

Good for the Bad – Milk Bar 1986

Written 2009 Eternally bad behavior has been endemic in bars and nightclubs. Drinking tended to assholize many people, myself included, and drugs exacerbated the dilemma. The problem covers all stations of life from the very rich to the very poor. My years of working security at Hurrah, the Jefferson, Bains-Douches, Milk Bar et al had […]

Cafe De Paris London 1985

1984 London Leicester Square The Cafe de Paris Music DJed by Albert de Paname Dancing The young The place to be Black Jack and I At the door A ten-thick crowd Other side of the ropes. We control the destiny of the night. In or out. Ingrid arrives with Alice Svelte Blonde English Jacques and […]

Girls like girls in Pattaya

WRITTEN Sep 19, 2010 The political situation in Bangkok had gotten out of control. The red shirts controlled the city. The police did nothing. People called them daeng moh or watermelon. They were red on the inside. Thaksin was a fellow cop. The Army was in the hands of the old elite or phuu laak […]

Leather Coat Paris

London 1978 In 1978 I had left NYC to join my model/girlfriend, Lisa. We lived in West London Studio, A two-story post modern complex on Fulham Road. Right at the entrance to the Chelsea football pitch. Game days we didn’t leave the apartment. As the opposing crews waged war outside the pubs. I had nothing […]