Monthly Archives: May 2007

Death of a Book Shop – Gotham Books NYC

“Wise men fish here.” This non sequitor graced a sign above Gotham Books of West 47th Street. New York’s Diamond Alley. I slaved on that street 13 years slinging ice to fiancées, mistresses, and drug dealers. Izzy SheyGutz. In goyim we trust. 5 days a week. Pastrami sandwiches and italian suits. 7 days during the […]

Water Quality Alert – Pattaya

Alan Pratt tells a story about making love to a Thai woman in the waters off Jomtien Beach. The year was 1987. “The moon was rising and the water was cyrstal clear. Fish flitted across the surface, as I held this girl in my arms, thinking it doesn’t get better than this.” 20 years is […]

Pattaya Go Go Crackdown

“Mssr. Rick, why did you come to Casablanca?” The French Vichy colonel asked Humphery Bogart’s character in the film CASABLANCA. “For the waters,” Rick responds with smoke-narrowed eys. “But there are no waters here.” “I was misinformed.” Bogart sells the line with ease. And no one comes to Pattaya for the waters and if the […]

James Inhofe Climate Guru

The Bangkok Post reported several villages in the Chao Phyra Delta have lost considerable real estate to the rising water of Gulf of Siam. Bangkok like New Orleans is actually under sea level. The predictions of Global Warming alarmists condemn the City of Angels to a watery grave. It will not be the only Atlantis. New […]

Al Jazeera TV News – Pattaya

Yesterday Rosie O’Donnell announced to the public that they won’t be seeing her on THE VIEW anymore. This ‘news’ came after a heated hissy fit with her co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Rosie’s earned a first place slot from CNN and Fox News on a day where GW Bush announced that 2008 will see troop reductions in […]